This is a must watch. Rodney’s enthusiasm and his research in support of the longevity of dogs is amazing. We truly are letting our dogs die far too young! Please please check it out. Also for more dog health info: Mercola “Healthy Pets”  is always an incredible resource. Organic Bunny (Amanda Jo, the beauty blogger) is a huge advocate for dog health and a wealth of information. Here is a great post from her on homemade dog food. Also, this is Rodney’s Facebook page on pet health. 

PS: Interested in helping dogs from the dog meat trade in China? Please support and follow Amanda’s nonprofit, “Bunny’s Buddies”, which rescues dogs from the horrific dog meat trade of China and Korea.  Bunny’s Buddies social media: Facebook and Instagram 



There is no, one perfect diet BECAUSE we are all SO different. Here’s how:

1.) We all have our own unique gene mutations. My mind was BLOWN  SAVED to learn that my 23&Me test said that I have two variants for late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease in the APOE4 gene (the most serious one). It’s not really something I’ve seen in my family. Although, we didn’t grow up knowing my dad’s father’s family.

But the interesting thing is where I have the variants. Alzheimer’s can be seen in the APOE genes and there are three APOE genes that influence the development of Alzheimer’s. I have two variants (two copies – from both parent’s genes) in the one called APOE4….  Before I dug too deep into my research, I instantly looked up general guidelines for Alzheimer’s –  exercise (that one is good for all!), eat high quality fats, go paleo, increase fish oil, etc…

But the more I researched, the more I learned the the APOE4 gene does best on a LOW FAT, particularly SATURATED FAT (goodbye  beef, butter, cheese, etc)….  What’s crazy is that a lot of times (especially with the  paleo/autoimmune protocols, GAPs protocols), there are blanket guidelines to increase fat ~ namely via animal fats such as beef, grass-fed butter, etc… But in my case, dietary meats, and particularly DAIRY FATS, can be highly toxic to my brain and lead to the formation of amyloid plaque. Whereas a highly grain or carbohydrate-rich diet (absent of seafood – omega-3s) is not ideal for APOE4 either. Shellfish (notably oysters and mussels) is one of the best foods for APOE4.

It’s also worth noting that my bloodwork has always shown high cholesterol (despite my skinny frame) + my  blood type is A, which generally does well on a mostly plant-based, vegetarian diet. Throw in the fact that I have always had fat malabsorption gut issues +  basically want to cry whenever I eat a large animal, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! LOL! So here’s my point by giving you way too much information about myself : WE CANNOT ACCEPT THAT WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU IS GOOD FOR ME. WE MUST ALWAYS LOOK AT OUR OWN GENES. 

2.) We all have our own unique histories and stories. I’ve been exposed to toxins that you haven’t and visa-versa. You may have eaten loads of mercury-laden tuna everyday as a child and I didn’t. You may have had a head injury and I have not. You may be allergic to shellfish or even fish and I’m not… Here’s the point: Where we are coming from and what we’ve been through plays a huge role in what’s going to be an ‘ideal’ diet and supplementation for either you or me. Ultimately, you will need to do genetic testing + look at your overall health + your experiences + your current habits (smoking, etc) + your gut flora + your allergies, etc. Functional, whole body medicine is the future…

Thus, there is no one perfect diet for everyone. It is all SO individual, but you mustn’t use that as an excuse to not find your ideal diet…Because certain foods could quite literally be slowly killing you while others save you and create a happier, better quality of life for yourself…

Here’s an interesting talk by one of the APOE4 experts (Dr. Gundry) on APOE4. He says the main point of eating for those with the APOE4 gene is to get olive oil in your mouth. One of the best quotes in this talk is as follows:

Every human being outta know their status. Because there is something they can do about it. This is not fate. Click to Tweet

His book is available here through Amazon. I’m ordering it today! 


In conclusion, there’s no one perfect diet. But there’s some perfect, general guidelines that are essentially as follows:

1.) Eat real, unprocessed food.

2.) Eat organic/Non-Gmo. Pesticides and herbicides aren’t good for anyone. Some people may tolerate them better because of their genes, but are they ideal for anyone: obviously not.

3.) Drink clean, chlorine and fluoride-free water. Clean water will always be an advantage .

4.) Get quality sleep. Studies prove that our brains only restore themselves at night. It’s like shutting off your computer and rebooting the system.

5.) Learn new habits/ experience new things. Essentially , create new synapses (new networks) for your brain.

6.) Reduce stress. Chronic, unrewarding and generalized stress and anxiety is hard on your body and gut flora and is obviously not a great for overall wellbeing.

7.) Exercise in a way that is best and fun for you! Ironically, APOE4 people do great with consistent exercise but not excessively strenuous or stressful exercise.

PS: The last thing APOE4 people should be doing is crossfit!! THANK GOD! It all makes sense now!!!! 😉

PPS: I definitely plan to write more about this topic – gene mutation testing – specifically APOE and it’s implications on alzheimer’s development.  I also learned a HUGE piece of info from Dr. Gundry regarding colitis ( autoimmune)  and the role lectins (even from vegetables) play in creating an inflammatory response. Did you know a pressure cooker can nearly destroy lectins?  Everything our grandparents did makes so much sense!



So I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the usual flu tips ~ wash your hands, don’t sneeze on everyone in the elevator, don’t pick your dirty nose with your dirty hands, exercise, drink water, get the flu shot, take vitamin C & optimize D3, etc… But here’s some tips I’m hoping will help you more than the  usual suspects …

1.) Stop eating out! And if you do eat out, make sure it’s really HOT!

This one is huge. Just imagine it: The guy with the flu walking down the prepared food section at Whole Foods reaching his filthy hands all over those mandarin tofu sticks you were about to eat…or the server at the trendy restaurant who simply can’t afford to take time off so he has no choice but to sneeze in the same kitchen your ceaser salad is being prepared. BOOM! Recipe for flu disaster. My spouses grandma lived to be about 106 and one of her greatest tips, aside from not letting anything bother you too much,  was simply cooking and preparing food at home. It’s a game changer. Your own saliva, your own hair, your own dirty hands all over your own food… Now, if you’re going to eat out, try and go for items that are HOT! Avoid the cold sandwich. Get the hot one instead.  It makes sense right?

2.) Use a diffuser with an immune supporting essential oil!

I love me some essential oils ~ but only good quality ones!! Diffusing an immune boosting one like Rocky Mountain’s Immune Strength (available on Amazon via the actual vendor – Rocky Moutain) will not only support your immune system via aromatherapy, but it will also sanitize the room!  Always use caution with kids/children but it can be especially helpful for kids’ rooms which tend to be cesspools… and Thomas the Train crack houses. PS:  I love DoTerra and Rocky Mountain!

3.) Take “Wellness Formula” at the first sign of sickness.

I love this formula!  My 74 year old mother (who is always around little kids) swears by it and so do I! It’s usually on sale at Whole Foods this time of the year, but (like most things at Whole Foods), it is much cheaper somewhere else. PureFormulas has it for a great price and their shipping is always so fast and free. I get nearly all my supplements from them. Again, wish I was being paid to say that but I’m not. You can also get Wellness Formula here on Amazon (who is also the seller). I’m not too keen on third party sellers of health supplements  on Amazon unless they are super trustworthy. But this Wellness Formula is shipped and sold by Amazon.   HUGE UPDATE NOTE:  I only like the Wellness Formula in CAPSULES, not the tablets.

 4.) Use colloidal silver as immune support & an antibiotic…  

So aside from it’s anti-bacterial properties, colloidial silver is also anti-viral. You always want to get a trust-worthy and high quality brand like Sovereign  Silver and follow instructions, but colloidal silver is truly remarkable. For example, my 16 year old dog had a bladder infection and did a 7-day course of antibiotics that didn’t cut it. So long story short: I was desperate in the middle of the night while he was breathing heavily and shivering (signs of pain/infection) and so I gave him the colloidal silver and some sacred frankincense on his gums, and he was able to fall asleep and has been doing well and great the past few days. Miracle! Dr. Axe has some great info on colloidal silver. PS: It can be used on kids as well ~ just follow directions (obviously).

5.) Don’t walk inside your house with your shoes on…or basically anything else that was on your body in this dirty, staph-ridden world …

So the bottom of most shoes are disgusting. We know that. But also your handbag, your coat, etc. Try not to carry too much of the world with you into your home ~ figuratively and literally!

6.) Make your bed the most germ-free, pure place in your whole house.

Don’t lay your coat on the bed. Don’t lay on your bed with work clothes still on… Make your bedroom as sanitary as possible. Unless your dirty dog wants to get on the bed, and in that case, it is absolutely necessary to snuggle your dog in bed. PS: Turn on the diffuser with some  anti-viral  lavender essential oil while you sleep. Most diffusers come with auto-off. You could also get some air purifying plants  to oxygenate your bedroom ~ especially if you have a new (toxic) bed.

7.) Take Probiotics! But take histamine-degrading probiotics! 

Here’s the thing: Not all probiotics are created equal for all people… It’s a sad reality ~ much like the US’ current President… But the fact is that histamine intolerance will make your probiotic do more harm than good if the probiotic contains histamine-producing strains. Here’s more info on that from the histamine queen, Yasmina (The Low Histamine Chef)…  

8.) Wash Your Dishes on High Heat & Sanitize Your Dishwasher with Vinegar 

Most people aren’t washing their dishes at a hot enough temperature ~ most notably silverware and cups. And if one of the  co-dependent people in your home becomes a little bugger, then this can mean destruction for all. So do be sure to get your dishes all hot and bothered and soak silverware in a hot dish before placing such in the dishwasher. Another huge tip is to occasionally sanitize and run your dishwasher with nothing but some good ole’ vinegar.

9.) Wash Your Hair, Nails, Belly Button and “all major crevices”… with actual soap. 

Take decent showers ~ with actual soap. If you go the gym, shower immediately after and wash under your nails. Take a clue from this scene from Home Alone. For real soap, I’m always a fan of Dr. Bronner’s castile soaps and the lavender scent would be a good idea during flu season. Right now, I’m loving this Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap!

10.) Keep your nails short and don’t put them anywhere near your face!

That’s all…

11.) Seal your skin with an after-shower oil …

Dry skin with cracks allows in more viruses and bacteria. So keep your body all sealed up right after it’s been sanitized. But do keep in mind that too much lotion on your hands will allow bacteria to breed so don’t go crazy.

12.) Sanitize the cell phone that you keep bringing into public restrooms and also sanitize your jewelry while you’re at it…

I sanitize my phone with alcohol. It’s important considering how our phones are basically appendages these days. I also love to sanitize my jewelry. It’s been everywhere you’ve been, but for some reason, most people take it off before the shower~ presumably because they don’t want to loose a diamond or something… Ha!

13.) Spray your car’s steering wheel and gear shift with antibacterial spray.

Spray some sanitizer on your steering wheel and shifter. It’s something that we frequently put our hands all over and around,  but infrequently clean. I like this brand… 

14.) Change your toothbrush frequently ~ especially during flu season.

That’s all…

15.) Eat some raw , organic honey before bed.

Not only is raw, organic honey anti-bacterial and anti-viral and all that juicy stuff, but a bit of raw honey before bed will help you sleep better… And good/deep and restorative sleep helps your immune system stay healthy and strong. Here’s more info from Organic Olivia on that… 


PPS: SING!! Sing so much! Be happy. It boosts your immune system.

PPPS: SOOOOO… I’m updating this article with one more amazing supplement !! Organic Olivia reminded me about it on Instagram! It’s called ELDERBERRY SYRUP and it’s truly an amazing immune booster! It’s also safe and effective especially for kids (always consult your own pediatrician however)… But for an adult hanging around a bunch of sneezers and sitting in a cold office, again, that Wellness Formula kicks flu a**!!



First of all: This little short film basically had me crying at that 1st sentence: “And they feel very overwhelmed. Very powerless. Except for this little hummingbird… ”

Second of all: I am thrilled and honored to now know of the the wonderful woman and humanitarian,  Wangari Maathai. Or as Oprah called her: ” a phenomenal woman”…. In 2004, Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her “contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace”.  She passed away in 2011.

Here’s Wangari narrating the inspiring short film about how a tiny, seemingly insignificant hummingbird saves the forest & brings everyone together through his optimism and sheer will & effort. Doing what he can with what he has! Go hummingbird go!!! Go humanity go!! 

“I’m doing the best I can. And that to me is what all of us should do. We should always feel like a hummingbird…I may feel insignificant. But I certainly don’t want to be like the animals watching as the planet goes down the drain. I will be a hummingbird. I will do the best I can.” — Wangari Maathai

For more on Wangari, check out this tribute to her… WHAT A WOMAN!

PS: I found this video on an amazing holistic doctor’s blog of all places! Judy Tsafrir is on on the forefront of all things functional medicine and groundbreaking like histamine intolerance &  fecal transplants (eek!). Definitely check her out!

I usually have to spend several hours on a post but I’m going to make this one comprehensive, sweet & fast (just like Pure Formulas!!!) Here’s why I’ve been choosing for all my supplement needs & why I seriously LOVE them!

  1. Crazy FAST & FREE shipping. Crazy fast! I’ve sometimes even thought it wasn’t possible for them to process my order that fast and yet they DID because it was at my door the next day! It’s also free which everyone LOVES.
  2. Great prices!  Enough said!
  3. Great selection! I’m talking medical-grade formulas like Metagenics or Designs for Health or whole food formulas like Megafoods and even hypoallergenic formulas like my fav Pure Encapsulations…
  4. They care! They provide discounts for the military, first responders,  teachers & college students! Hoorah!
  5. Beauty products too!!!  I love that they carry great beauty brands like my new fav (Andalou Naturals).
  6. The ability to search first via brand & then health need. Their computer programming is spot on! The website is easy to use.
  7. The chance to get your entire order for free! So basically if you post a picture of your order on Instagram (and the order# in case you win) and tag Pure Formulas, your entire order could be free. Yay!
  8. Their health info. I love that  they give comprehensive health info on a particular supplement or describe what a particular mineral or vitamin does & why it may be necessary….
  9. The reviews. Because Pure Formulas is becoming more and more popular with the top-notch wellness community, people leave honest reviews and feedback. It’s not spammy. It’s legit.

Now here’s my deal with the whole Amazon supplement thing… It can be very tricky & “ify” because of two huge questions that always need to be asked and answered:

  1. Where is the product coming from and is it authentic?
  2. Was the product  properly stored & handled? 

I do make one BIG exception to buying supplements on Amazon and that is when it’s coming directly from a “small business” like those from Seeking Health or Mary Ruth’s Organics. In that case, you can feel okay knowing your product is sound since the company is indirectly selling their genuine product on Amazon. But in the event of buying delicate probiotics in bulk, maybe think about skipping that endeavor….


PS: You may think I am being paid to say this about Pure Formulas (and I may wish I was being paid to say it) but I’m not. I just genuinely LOVE them & so does my wallet!

If you wanted to know what all the fuss concerning Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds was about, tomorrow night is your chance!  “Bright Lights”, the serendipitous documentary starring none other than recently departed Debbie and Carrie, premiers tomorrow night on HBO at 8PM (est)…


So Amazon is kind of a catch-22. In many ways, it’s bad for the planet : More boxes, more footprints, more “stuff”!

But Amazon is also great in that it provides everyday access to natural and healthy products …  So being an Amazon Prime +  health/beauty junkie, I naturally have some recommendations & favorites.  Here’s my picks for the Top Ten Natural Beauty Products on Amazon. From teeth to toes!

1. Zuzu Luxe Concealer



Do the fall reds have you down? This song by Monty Python might help change your mood (and life) around… It’s funny. It’s true. It’s weird. It’s almost bad. But it’s mostly just really good…



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