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PS: I only recommend products that I truly love and believe in... I love non-toxic & sustainable products, products with a purpose and all things loving & good!

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor

This GPS tracker is INCREDIBLE! It not only shows me my dog's daily activity levels (kind of like a doggie fitbit), but as soon my dog gets out, I get a text message indicating he has "left home" along with the address he is currently at... I can then click "track" to start tracking him and getting live updates...

Pedro (my dog) loves to go for little strolls by himself and this GPS tracker has given me so much piece of mind! It's not huge (it easily clips onto his collar and stays put), it has nationwide tracking (in the USA) and is very reliable.

Because it's like a cell phone, it comes with a monthly subscription plan (mine is around $7 a month which is beyond worth it). It's waterproof too! So my other dog (a puppy) who wears one as well can still go swimming without hesitation. I wish the battery lasted a bit longer (I have to charge it every 3-4 days or so) but that is due to my Wifi signal being super weak. Apparently it should last a little longer (7 days). But charging time is only 2 hours so it's not a problem either way =). I just LOVE this product!!!

Also, make sure you follow all the set up procedures (i.e.: make sure you have your correct cell phone listed in your account and set it up to get text messages for when the battery is low or if your pet gets out and also make sure you do the initial attachment to the collar properly, etc).

OH! I also love that I get text messages indicating when the battery is low so I know when to charge it. LOVE LOVE LOVE

PS: Their customer support is also very helpful and responsive.

All around A+ product!!

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