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Elena Straw

Hi!  I’m Elena, your new editor/writer & chief curator of all things beautiful…

I’m so happy to be in this space with you and Rosie! I’ve always been a collector (I’m all about the hunt), but what I love most is information.  I love to read, to listen and to learn; to collect little tidbits and share them with those I love… even a complete stranger! (This means I’ve turned into my mother… but I’ll own it.) It’s Good To is the perfect space for what I love: to share and learn about things.

A couple of things about me that aren’t necessary to know, but might be nice, since we’re hanging out now…

  • I live in Miami, but hail from Portland, Oregon.  And yes, sometimes Portlandia nails it. I miss my Portland peeps, but in Miami, I enjoy the the palm trees, sandy beaches and a good cortadito
  • If you love me, you’ll pull over the car so I can take a picture.  Few things make me happier than taking a beautiful photograph.
  • I don’t believe in regrets: I’d rather try and fail than not try at all.
  • I have a daughter who is – to use a very modern term – my everything.  Though, catch me on the right day and ask if I can imagine a life without her and I might say, “Yes!” a little too emphatically.
  • Sometimes, I can be bossy.  Sorry!  But this is new for me, so I’m enjoying it!
  • When I was ten years old, I thought the perfect adult fridge was filled with cheese, good mustard and pickles.  I was on to something, don’t you think?  Still crazy for all three…
  • I blame my love of interior design on my precocious teeth: my orthodontist had a subscription to Architectural Digest, which I started reading in his waiting room at the ripe-old-age of nine.  Many years later, I’m still rearranging the furniture and taking #shelfies (though not posting them). Shelter mags are guilty pleasure of mine, for sure!
  • I don’t consider myself an artist, but I do consider myself artistic.  One of my favorite compliments ever given to me was that I am a good companion at the art museum.
  • I believe shoes are the perfect example of form meets function.  (Don’t ask me to count, ok???)

Keep Hunting,


Elena Pink Dude

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