I usually have to spend several hours on a post but I’m going to make this one comprehensive, sweet & fast (just like Pure Formulas!!!) Here’s why I’ve been choosing PureFormulas.com for all my supplement needs & why I seriously LOVE them!

  1. Crazy FAST & FREE shipping. Crazy fast! I’ve sometimes even thought it wasn’t possible for them to process my order that fast and yet they DID because it was at my door the next day! It’s also free which everyone LOVES.
  2. Great prices!  Enough said!
  3. Great selection! I’m talking medical-grade formulas like Metagenics or Designs for Health or whole food formulas like Megafoods and even hypoallergenic formulas like my fav Pure Encapsulations…
  4. They care! They provide discounts for the military, first responders,  teachers & college students! Hoorah!
  5. Beauty products too!!!  I love that they carry great beauty brands like my new fav (Andalou Naturals).
  6. The ability to search first via brand & then health need. Their computer programming is spot on! The website is easy to use.
  7. The chance to get your entire order for free! So basically if you post a picture of your order on Instagram (and the order# in case you win) and tag Pure Formulas, your entire order could be free. Yay!
  8. Their health info. I love that  they give comprehensive health info on a particular supplement or describe what a particular mineral or vitamin does & why it may be necessary….
  9. The reviews. Because Pure Formulas is becoming more and more popular with the top-notch wellness community, people leave honest reviews and feedback. It’s not spammy. It’s legit.

Now here’s my deal with the whole Amazon supplement thing… It can be very tricky & “ify” because of two huge questions that always need to be asked and answered:

  1. Where is the product coming from and is it authentic?
  2. Was the product  properly stored & handled? 

I do make one BIG exception to buying supplements on Amazon and that is when it’s coming directly from a “small business” like those from Seeking Health or Mary Ruth’s Organics. In that case, you can feel okay knowing your product is sound since the company is indirectly selling their genuine product on Amazon. But in the event of buying delicate probiotics in bulk, maybe think about skipping that endeavor….


PS: You may think I am being paid to say this about Pure Formulas (and I may wish I was being paid to say it) but I’m not. I just genuinely LOVE them & so does my wallet!

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