WATCH: I fell in love with this great piece on Buster Keaton titled “The Art of the Gag”. The short video describes Buster’s style of filmmaking and his incredible influence as a director, actor, producer, writer and even HARD CORE STUNTMAN!  Yes stuntman! Do you love Wes Anderson and Jackie Chan? Well those guys took a few cues from Buster. The video, created by Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting, is just great…  I love Tony’s subdued narrative and his overall perspective. The inner very, very  outer film lover in me is smiling.

READ: I’m also loving this article from Mental Floss on 13 Musings on the Art of Acting from Meryl Streep. It’s a great, quick and inspirational read. For example, who knew Meryl had stage freight! I didn’t…

“It’s odd: I have this career that spans continents, but the pathetic thing is that I can’t get up in front of people and speak. I get really, really nervous … Fiction is something you can lie down and wrap yourself up in. In reality, you’re alone on the mountaintop in the wind and the storm, and you don’t know if you’re going to be blown away. In the movies, I know the ending. It’s the first thing I read.” – Meryl Streep 

PS: Buster Keaton’s Bio… 

PPS: Did you know Michael Keaton was actually born “Michael Douglas”? But because that famous name was already claimed, Michael changed his last name  to Keaton out of affection and admiration for Buster.


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