So most people think they know who Joan Rivers was….They think she was a fashion critic, that she had a lot of plastic surgery and said the “unthinkable” (even though most people were probably thinking it). But Joan Rivers was much more dynamic than that (and a whole heck of a lot more hysterical and historical). That “mean” lady you saw on the post-award show was a persona ~ someone she created later in life to (as Dick Van Dyck would say) “keep moving”.

Joan Rivers was a pioneer woman of the 60s female comedian scene (which was less of a scene and more like a handful of women shattering concepts about how witty and gritty they were allowed to be on stage ~ or off).

She was an incredible and gutsy stand-up comedian who headlined Las Vegas…and Broadway. She co-hosted The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and went on to become an Emmy winner and host of her very own show.  She was the daughter of Russian immigrants & was an incredibly hard worker who made her dream happen through sheer perseverance and dedication.

Joan was bold and who doesn’t love an honest  woman person  who says what they mean to say…

Here’s Why I’m Loving This Joan Rivers Estate Sale

1.) Joan Rivers is an icon ~ a historical and comedic icon! Here’s some more info on that fact from PBS’ Pioneers of Television:

2.) It’s “used” & some of it is very cool and vintage … Buying used stuff is better for the environment. It was already here. It’s been loved and now it can be re-loved instead of thrown  into a landfill or storage unit. A nice concept that is not much appreciated by the toxic fast fashion industry.

3.) The fun costume jewelry! This beautiful jade compact! And the suitcases. Oh Joan… you were a trip of a woman!

Here’s the link to the estate sale which begins tomorrow at 10:00am (edt)….

PS: Joan Rivers’ Biography. And did she say that?↓

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