She began it all!  Until Louise made it acceptable to do so, practicing self-love and affirmations was ‘woo woo’ stuff for hippies and the more spiritually inclined. Now, thanks to her guidance and love-based philosophies, it’s mainstream!

Since the 80s, Louise Hay has been teaching forgiveness and the power of self-love and self-worth.  Like Louise says,

You may even remember SNL doing a skit or two concerning her mirror work. And I’m sure Louise found it funny! She’s simply a ray of light on this planet  and so….


  • Her company that she started at the age of 61! Louise is the founder of Hay House, a successful publishing/event company. So if you love the work of Dr. Dwane Wyer, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr. Brian Weiss (the reincarnation doctor), Kriss Carr or Gabrielle Bernstein,  you indirectly love the work of Louise. These are her people.  And they adore her.
  • The Hay Foundation and it’s long, substantiated history of helping those in need.
  • Her voice. It’s incredibly relaxing yet strong.  Louise and Morgan Freeman would make an  amazing motivational  team.
  • Her strength and honesty. Her early life wasn’t easy. But she got through it. She overcame physical/sexual abuse and decided to remove harmful subconscious beliefs she had formed based on other people’s opinions or actions. Beliefs like not being worthy of love or happiness, not being good enough and simply  not being ‘enough’.  She established new beliefs: Life loves me. I’m good enough. I’m worthy of happiness.
  • Louise Hay
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     She overcame cervical cancer through alternative methods. This isn’t to say that Western medicine doesn’t have it’s time/place in health care – it does.  But it’s still wonderful nonetheless.
  • Her humble, respectful strength. Louise has been there and done that so her energy says “respect me” (because I respect myself), but it also says, “I respect you too”.
  • Her fun art. I love the elephant!
  • Her apprentice and friend, Cheryl Richardson, who’s work focuses primarily on ‘Extreme Self-Care’. We dig it!


  • Her New York Times Bestseller: You Can Heal Your Life. It’s truly a game changer for those who are completely new to the concept of sub-conscious belief patterns and it’s also a valuable tool because she references practical health techniques in the back of the book.
  • This adult’s coloring book.
  • This morning meditation.
  • Hay House Radio (theres various speakers  on a variety of subjects).
  • This article on bone broth as a healing food. She knows GOOD HEALTH!
  • And her new website as a whole. It’s got amazing affirmations and words of advice. I also love her newsletter!  (I don’t immediately delete it like I do most subscriptions.)
  • This video on how to do mirror work.

Follow Louise  on her websiteTwitter Facebook, or Hay House’s YouTube Channel.

PS: A 1987 New Yorker cartoon concerning Louise Hay  (before juicing was normal / everyday stuff).

PSS: Hay House holds yearly events called “I CAN DO IT!” . The conferences are coming up soon so check them out here. I’m hoping to make it to one of them and get some interviews. Stay tuned…

Hay House - Suggestion
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So what does Louise Hay ‘most believe’ and how has this belief impacted her life?  We don’t think a personal interview with Louise is necessary to answer this question (though we would love one!). Louise’s answer would be the same concept/belief she has built her life and her life’s work around: loving yourself is the foundation for all good things in your life.

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