It’s Wednesday & maybe you’re feeling like you can barely stand on your feet, like you’ve spent all your years believing and can’t get no relief.  And maybe you  just need somebody to love.

Today’s also “Get Over It” day. So let Freddie Mercury & Queen inspire you to keep going…and perhaps dance in a skin-tight, white leotard (naturally). 

Did you know the late Brittany Murphy sang Somebody To Love as the voice of Gloria in Happy Feet?  Here’s a great clip of her singing the song like a BOSS:

PS: Freddie Mercury’s biography.

PPS: We’ve been saying “PSS” up until now. It’s actually “PPS”, not “PSS”.  Frankly, we’re pretty uncomfortable with the change. It doesn’t flow as well or have that special chime to it. So we may continue to use PSS  & stick it to man… 😉

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