What’s better than an early 90s movie starring the ever-handsome Robert Redford – who you know we love – and the chronically-hysterical Dan Ackroyd? Try a film also starring the always-fascinating Sidney Poitier and the forever-talented River Phoenix.

Here’s Why It’s Good To Watch: Sneakers

  • David Straightern plays a ridicuously convincing blind man
  • River Phoenix.
  • The late James Horner composed the music.
  • Old school conspiracy stuff (NSA, CIA). And answering machines…


  • It’s reviews were kinda bad. But it’s gotten better with age… Siskel & Ebert.
  • Bens Kingsley. Sidney Poitier. Robert Redford. River Phoenix. James Earl Jones. Mary McDonnell.
  • Computer warfare stuff…on old IBMs.
  • There’s a good guy / bad guy named COSMO.
  • It’s a “caper story” which means it’s a form of crime storytelling with added elements of humor, audacity and fun/adventure. It’s basically a less intense crime story…
  • The remnants of 80’s set decor. And stone-washed, ‘regular’  jeans. No skinny jeans!
  • Did we mention River Phoenix?

Here’s one of my favorite scenes via Movieclips…Notice the “it’s good to“?

If you’ve seen the movie – whether you like it or not –  you likely remember this memorable ending and probably loved it.  How sweet is River’s request? Dear Lord…

PS: The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling. 

PSS:  We had this movie on VHS. I’m pretty sure my brother John illegally recorded it off of HBO. It was one of those movies we all watched over and over again because that’s what you did back then  with a VHS tape…


This quote is in alignment  with what It’s Good To believes… Money has power.  And regardless of how much good  energy we put into ‘good causes’, if some money still goes toward that which harms, we are just throwing good at bad and the cycle continues. We must just simply stop investing in suffering + pain. 


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