It’s not just that he was ‘the original’ – the archetype for the likes, wits and charms of Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and every other man who’s claim to fame was “he’s just got that thing“…

It’s not just that he founded the Sundance Institute in 1981. It’s not even the fact that his life story involves highly-acclaimed words like Oscar and natural-blonde.

What “it” really is and what it’s always been is that Mr. Redford is genuinely good for the planet. As an advocate for nature, his environmental work parallels only the massive philanthropic work of his good friend, Paul Newman. Leonardo DiCaprio’s conservation/environmental efforts are  up there too…but that’s a whole other article.

What we’ve all come to love and have always loved about Robert Redford is his loving nature — but perhaps more so —  his love of nature. He’s the one who brought us that ‘wood and earth element‘ to the big screen (his film company is called Wildwood after all…).

  • He’s prudent regarding  politics
  • He directed A River Runs Through It.
  • He started the Sundance Institute (now more commonly known as the Sundance Film Festival).
  • He played the role of Jeremiah Johnson. If you don’t know it, watch the trailer here. It’s got a vibe slightly reminiscent of ‘The Revenant’. Very slightly…
  • He IS the Sundance Kid.
  • Paul Newman was his best buddy.
  • The Sundance Catalog attempts to take an environmentally conscious approach. And we dig that type of concept here.
  • And the horses – there’s always horses. And perhaps a well-tailored suit.
  • He was the original Gatsby. So he and Leonardo DiCaprio now have at least three things in common. 
  • He’s just plain cool and knows how to wear a pair of aviator sunglasses.
  • He was the lead in the classic Sneakers (it’s good to watch).

We think Robert Redford’s best work is ahead of him. As in Nobel Peace Prize! His environmental work has made serious strides for climate change awareness/conservation efforts.

PS: Here’s a great article/clip about Robert Redford from I love that Paul Newman got a good word in…

PSS: Did you see Robert’s note to David Brooks of the NY Times. Our friend, David, is an amazing person. His interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday was so honest and real. He admits to being a shitty person at times… Aren’t we all.

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In regards to the Sundance brand (catalog, festival and resort): Go back to your original  intention & follow the money. Apply the It’s Good To Care model to all of your companies and ther sponsors and negotiations. Make no compromises in terms of accepting business deals from companies that harm others (for example, a shirt made from slave-labor cotton).


Featured Image: 1963, Robert Redford in the stage production of Barefoot in the Park – Billy Rose Theatre. Photograph by: Friedman Abeles. Courtesy of the New York Library.
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