If you don’t know Organic Olivia, you don’t know (& love) one of the most helpful and inspiring people on this planet…

Olivia is one of the smartest, most real-life-trained health gurus out there! She’s also just very R-E-A-L. Her advice is always from the heart and for the highest good – she doesn’t sell out. Thus, she is perfectly in line with It’s Good To and all that we love and stand for as a company…

Her website states, 

“At Organic Olivia, we believe that natural remedies, herbs and food can help prevent disease and increase quality of life. That the mind-body-spirit connection to physical illness is always present, and that integrating eastern views to western medicine can heal the body… “

Olivia’s two-part blog post titled “Everyone Has Parasites” was a massive hit! So much so that (less than a year later), her Indiegogo campaign generated over 250K in pre-sales of her parasite cleanse (Yay to Liv & Lily!). (PS: Lily is Olivia’s beloved chinese medicine doctor.)

When I first started becoming more health conscious, I came across Organic Olivia’s website and instantly knew I had not only found a superb health guide, but a spiritual guide as well. So, without further ado here’s why…

  • Her research! Olivia actually puts research behind her posts and is quite literally a wealth of information (health is true wealth!).
  • Her concentrations on meditation, heavy metals, GMOs, liver health and Chinese Medicine + herbs. Because once you know about those aforementioned subjects, you are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Her focus on your/our bottom line – not her bottom line or how she’s going to sell you something you don’t need. She’s only selling goodness and It’s Good To digs that…
  • Her candidness/bravery. She’s not afraid to look silly, weak, sad or even wrong.
  • She’s incredibly spiritual and open. She’s open about when she’s hurting. She’s open about her difficult past. She’s open about her journey…about those growing pains we experience when moving from closed and fearful to open and alive!
  • Her Living Earth Jewelry Shop on ETSY. It’s jewelry with a purpose or as she says in her shop : ” I love wearing healing crystals because they’re literally a part of nature — and I believe they grow out of the ground for a reason, just as 🍃plants do. 🔊All living things emit a specific frequency/energy, and I love to learn & share the different properties associated with various stones.🔮

If you have acne, go to Organic Olivia. If you have IBS, go to Organic Olivia. If you have confidence and fear issues, go to Organic Olivia. If you just feel “blah”, go to Organic Olivia.

 It’s Good To thinks people like Organic Olivia are dramatically changing the world – one inspiring article post, one healing thought, one parasite cleanse at a time.


So follow Organic Olivia at her (new and improved) website and Instagram,


PS: A TED Talk on “Why Bees Are Disappearing“…  (Hint: Pesticides! And ironic side-note:  Bees have parasites too!)


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