“Is it gluten-free?” You hear that everywhere these days! And rightfully so! Everyone from your IBS-prone brother to your autistic son requires gluten-free products (& sometimes casein-free  if we’re talking autism). But why gluten-free?

In short, most wheat-based products make people feel sick, fatigued, ADD, anxious irritable & unhappy. But again, why?

Wheat is LOADED with insecticides ~ notably the herbicide casually-referred to as “round up” & chemically-known as “glyphosate”. In fact,  it’s SO VERY LOADED  with this gut-destroying/toxic chemical that Sarah (The  Healthy Home Economist) wrote a popular article called “The Real Reason Wheat Is Toxic (It’s Not the Gluten)”.

Essentially, Sarah discusses how the “pre-harvest” wheat fields are “drenched” in glyphosate and (because we’ve been exposed to such vast amounts of glyphosate) we’ve developed an almost allergic “gut” reaction/autoimmune response to wheat as a whole ~ even organic wheat. In addition to Sarah’s point regarding glyphosate,  American strains of wheat contain  more gluten than ever before (“super gluten”). Furthermore, some people have a true allergy to wheat proteins. And excess grains ~ regardless of their form ~ can be inflammatory.

But you already knew that right? So that brings me to my next point which is…


  • Gluten-free does not =  glyphosate-free. GMO starches (such as corn)  may be used as a substitute for wheat…
  • Gluten-free does not = gmo-free. Aside from the GMO starch replacements for the wheat, GMO fillers such as “resistant corn starch” and “xanthum gum” may be added to the mix. That’s not great!
  • Gluten-free can contain artificial dyes & flavors. Like anything processed, artificial dyes & flavors may be utilized to make it more “attractive” & tastier.
  • Gluten-free can contain eggs from GMO-fed / poorly treated hens. Egg labels can be very misleading these days (that’s a whole other article & we’ll get there). In the meantime,  if the label simply states “egg” or “egg substitute”, avoid it.  Organic eggs and “certified humane”/non-gmo eggs are the only ones I recommend.
  • Gluten-free can contain high amounts of sugar. In order to make it more appealing, companies will add way too much sugar ~ and sometimes it’s gmo sugar beet.
  • And A BIG EXCEPTION to organic gluten-free.  An organic, non-gmo gluten-free product is your best bet. However, I do not recommend any products ~ even those labeled organic ~ which  include soybean, canola (rapeseed), cottonseed, corn and most notably palm oil. These “vegetable” oils are more like industrial oils. They aren’t good for your health  & the harvesting of palm kernel oil is devastating the planet & wildlife.

THE BOTTOMLINE: You don’t want to remove wheat ~ only to then replace such with almost equally toxic ingredients. Processed foods are not great for your health. If you seek gluten-free products, do so with caution. Read labels carefully and don’t just rely on the words “gluten-free” as a selling point…Demand a better quality gluten-free product from your favorite brands. 

So the point of this article isn’t to encourage you to stop eating gluten-free. It’s quite the opposite. However, if you’re going to do gluten-free substitutes, do it consciously!  This is especially true for kids. Here’s an article from Food Renegade regarding an analysis of the ingredients found in Glutino’s “Toaster Pastry”. Glutino needs to step it up BIG time ~ they say they are committed to the non-gmo movement but they certainly need to reflect that in their ingredient lists ASAP…


(It may be hard to find a product with all of these points↓. But read labels & decide based on the below.)

  1. Certified Organic and/or Non-GMO.
  2. No “industrial” oils especially palm oil! Instead seek oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil (the oils that you could actually see yourself  extracting from a plant!)
  3. No added sugar or low sugar content.
  4. Minimal ingredients.
  5. Sprouted grains!
  6. Soy-free, dairy-free.

For more information on glyphosate &  why it is such a MASSIVE PROBLEM in the U.S., check out the videos below.

↓ “Glyphosate” & Why It’s Just Awful ↓

Comments to "It’s Good To Know: Gluten-Free Products Can Be Insanely Toxic"
  1. Catherine

    Excellent! Such an informative read and explained perfectly for the conscious amateur such as myself. After reading this I realized my eggs are only vegetarian :/ Womp.

    • Kristina


      Thanks so much Catherine =) I like some of “DeLand Bakery” products from Whole Foods (they are in the freezer section at Whole Foods) =)

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