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Oh my goodness – this is our first article! Thus, it only seems fitting to do as Oprah would have done.  And so, we’re setting an intention for this site. For its path and trajectory, for its ultimate purpose… for it’s juju.

So here it is: The intention of this site is to serve all of humanity (& the earth itself) by teaching, sharing and loving the good…for the sake of goodness everywhere. Good for good’s sake. You can read more about It’s Good To here.

One of the many lessons Oprah has taught throughout the years is that creating an intention sets the foundation for a successful outcome – be it a career, a relationship, a feeling, a thought  – or your entire way of life. Like Martha Beck  said:

“Here’s the truth: People who get what they want tend to be the ones who make the effort to know what they want…” -Martha Beck

Setting an intention places you on the path of consciousness. You’re choosing to actively participate in your creation (your life) by deciding what you truly love, what you truly value. You therefore have a greater sense of control and peace (another positive result.)

And so, you must first let it be known (to yourself) where you want to go and more importantly – WHY. In doing so, you carve out a conscious path for the energy to flow. And good energy likes consciousness (it’s clear, distinct + easy to follow).

Here’s Oprah and her long-time friend, Cheryl Richardson, discussing the difference between an intention and a wish or dream:

So, are you living with intention? Do most aspects of your life reflect conscious intentions? Intentions for how you want to live *your* life? Intentions for how you want to feel everyday going forward?  If not, begin by deciding what you truly want from your life and what’s most meaningful to you. Know & decide – once and for all – what you truly want from life!  This Martha Beck article is a great starting place.

PS:  We love Super Soul Sunday here at It’s Good To. This season has been so spectacular. We just can’t wait for the day Oprah brings on our good friend, Jim Carrey. His commencement speech is good to WATCH.

PSS:  Another intention of It’s Good To is to create a strong consciousness for sustainable + ethical consumerism (as well as a resource for such). Basically, we want to dramatically shift financial support from companies that harm to companies that help.

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