There is no, one perfect diet BECAUSE we are all SO different. Here’s how:

1.) We all have our own unique gene mutations. My mind was BLOWN  SAVED to learn that my 23&Me test said that I have two variants for late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease in the APOE4 gene (the most serious one). It’s not really something I’ve seen in my family. Although, we didn’t grow up knowing my dad’s father’s family.

But the interesting thing is where I have the variants. Alzheimer’s can be seen in the APOE genes and there are three APOE genes that influence the development of Alzheimer’s. I have two variants (two copies – from both parent’s genes) in the one called APOE4….  Before I dug too deep into my research, I instantly looked up general guidelines for Alzheimer’s –  exercise (that one is good for all!), eat high quality fats, go paleo, increase fish oil, etc…

But the more I researched, the more I learned the the APOE4 gene does best on a LOW FAT, particularly SATURATED FAT (goodbye  beef, butter, cheese, etc)….  What’s crazy is that a lot of times (especially with the  paleo/autoimmune protocols, GAPs protocols), there are blanket guidelines to increase fat ~ namely via animal fats such as beef, grass-fed butter, etc… But in my case, dietary meats, and particularly DAIRY FATS, can be highly toxic to my brain and lead to the formation of amyloid plaque. Whereas a highly grain or carbohydrate-rich diet (absent of seafood – omega-3s) is not ideal for APOE4 either. Shellfish (notably oysters and mussels) is one of the best foods for APOE4.

It’s also worth noting that my bloodwork has always shown high cholesterol (despite my skinny frame) + my  blood type is A, which generally does well on a mostly plant-based, vegetarian diet. Throw in the fact that I have always had fat malabsorption gut issues +  basically want to cry whenever I eat a large animal, AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE!!! LOL! So here’s my point by giving you way too much information about myself : WE CANNOT ACCEPT THAT WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU IS GOOD FOR ME. WE MUST ALWAYS LOOK AT OUR OWN GENES. 

2.) We all have our own unique histories and stories. I’ve been exposed to toxins that you haven’t and visa-versa. You may have eaten loads of mercury-laden tuna everyday as a child and I didn’t. You may have had a head injury and I have not. You may be allergic to shellfish or even fish and I’m not… Here’s the point: Where we are coming from and what we’ve been through plays a huge role in what’s going to be an ‘ideal’ diet and supplementation for either you or me. Ultimately, you will need to do genetic testing + look at your overall health + your experiences + your current habits (smoking, etc) + your gut flora + your allergies, etc. Functional, whole body medicine is the future…

Thus, there is no one perfect diet for everyone. It is all SO individual, but you mustn’t use that as an excuse to not find your ideal diet…Because certain foods could quite literally be slowly killing you while others save you and create a happier, better quality of life for yourself…

Here’s an interesting talk by one of the APOE4 experts (Dr. Gundry) on APOE4. He says the main point of eating for those with the APOE4 gene is to get olive oil in your mouth. One of the best quotes in this talk is as follows:

Every human being outta know their status. Because there is something they can do about it. This is not fate. Click to Tweet

His book is available here through Amazon. I’m ordering it today! 


In conclusion, there’s no one perfect diet. But there’s some perfect, general guidelines that are essentially as follows:

1.) Eat real, unprocessed food.

2.) Eat organic/Non-Gmo. Pesticides and herbicides aren’t good for anyone. Some people may tolerate them better because of their genes, but are they ideal for anyone: obviously not.

3.) Drink clean, chlorine and fluoride-free water. Clean water will always be an advantage .

4.) Get quality sleep. Studies prove that our brains only restore themselves at night. It’s like shutting off your computer and rebooting the system.

5.) Learn new habits/ experience new things. Essentially , create new synapses (new networks) for your brain.

6.) Reduce stress. Chronic, unrewarding and generalized stress and anxiety is hard on your body and gut flora and is obviously not a great for overall wellbeing.

7.) Exercise in a way that is best and fun for you! Ironically, APOE4 people do great with consistent exercise but not excessively strenuous or stressful exercise.

PS: The last thing APOE4 people should be doing is crossfit!! THANK GOD! It all makes sense now!!!! 😉

PPS: I definitely plan to write more about this topic – gene mutation testing – specifically APOE and it’s implications on alzheimer’s development.  I also learned a HUGE piece of info from Dr. Gundry regarding colitis ( autoimmune)  and the role lectins (even from vegetables) play in creating an inflammatory response. Did you know a pressure cooker can nearly destroy lectins?  Everything our grandparents did makes so much sense!



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