What a joyful Saturday! So this video of Candace Payne (AKA The Chewbacca Lady) went viral yesterday! All I can say is that this woman MADE MY DAY! She is an ABSOLUTE HOOT! And her laughter is GOLDEN. Honestly, if Ellen hasn’t already called her, I would be surprised. Watch the video below and have a great day! In fact, your day is basically guaranteed to IMPROVE by watching Candace (“The Chewbacca Lady”!)

The video was titled “It’s the Simple Joys in Life“.  If you weren’t a believer in pursuing the simple joys of life, I think Candace may have possibly convinced you!


It’s apparent why this video has touched so many people: PURE JOY! Candace wasn’t looking to become the biggest hit on Facebook or the next spokesperson for Kohl’s. She was seeking PURE JOY for the sake of it! So a big It’ Good To congratulations to Candace for reminding us that it really is all about the simple joys in life ~ and that true success comes from pursuing YOUR JOY! She’s a true jedi master!

PS:  Candace has apparently “shattered” the Facebook Live record according to this BBC article. As of the date of this article (just two days after she posted the video), over 90  million people have watched Candace laugh her Chewbacca butt off! Candace is the perfect example of simply pursuing what makes you happy & REAPING THE REWARDS. Kohls has sold out of the chewbacca mask according to Forbes. And as a likely sign of gratitude (+ smart marketing), the store has supplied some more chewbacca masks for her whole family↓.

PSS: Candace is grateful! I’ve asked her for interview ~ I’m hoping to beat Oprah to the punch.

Candace Payne Facebook Status Update Grateful
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