This might sound a bit “woe is me”, but I find it difficult to shop these days.  I have an internal battle: the  “I like pretty things” part of me fights the “I want to do right and save the planet” ALL THE TIME.  

We consume… daily.  Probably hourly.  Doing the most mundane things, we consume! When we visit the local coffee shop. When we grocery store.  When we pop on, hit up our favorite online retailer or make a quick dash to the local big-box store. (Target: I’m lookin’ at YOU!)  Don’t feel guilty. It’s just part of our modern day life. And really –truth be told– part of me loves it.  I love being swept up in a retailer’s presence, in the world that they create (some places do it really well!) But how do I do this responsibly? Sigh….

At It’s Good To, Rosie and I realize there is no perfect answer, so we plan to do this as responsibly and mindfully as possible and still have fun.  We’re going to explore as many of them as possible here on It’s Good To. But recently we keep finding ourselves drawn to the phrase, “Made In The U.S.A”.  You’ll see us explore that phrase standard here and I promise to list other sites & brands that promote it too!

I recently found out most New Balance sneakers are made in the U.S.A.!  This is a brand that I have known and loved for a while now, my husband being a big fan(He calls them his “dress sneakers”.) Parts of each shoe are made in different locations throughout the U.S. (For instance, the shoelaces are made in Rhode Island.  A shoelace factory! In Rhode Island!  It just sounds nice to say…) And if 70% of a shoe is made stateside, they give the “Made In The U.S.A.” stamp of approval.  

A big It’s Good To Kuddos to New Balance for supporting the American economy and making classic, comfortable, high-performance footwear!



PS: Do you follow this Instagram If not, do it!  That Martha… she’s something else!  

PPS: Our Good Suggestion to NB? Go 100% and put an end to the skeptics

Good suggestion for new balance sneakers
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