The funk is alive in Jungle’s music video: “The Heat”. It’s so good. We don’t even know where to begin, but we’ll try…


  • The pure funk.
  • The roller skates. And the “skill” on said roller skates! Skates!
  • The green jumpsuits. Correction : The ‘matching’, green jumpsuits.
  • The chin head bounce thing…
  • The graffitied parking lot. And one location.
  • The licorice. Though we hope it was an organic one because Twizzlers are crazy toxic. This one from Newman’s Own has far safer ingredients + Newman’s Own gives all profits to charity (not to Monsanto and their sue-happy, health-destroying  company).
  • The farewell wave. In a pink-accented room. With a jaguar and trophy. And a fan with pink ribbons.
  • The lyric:


This is a remix of a Joy Orbison song (who’s a DJ) – not to be confused with Roy Orbison who sang “Oh, Pretty Woman” and the less famous “You Got It“. Also, the guys above are Icky and Silence of The High Rollaz UK Skate Crew … The band, Jungle, is a collective group with a weird website. 😉

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