Do you know Fats Domino? He and his band were said to be the birth of rock n’ roll.

Fats was known as the “boogie woogie” from New Orleans…He sold over 60 million records between 1949 & 1962.  Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr was an inspiration to Elvis and was at one time only rivaled by Elvis…  In fact, when Elvis was called the King of Rock N’Roll at a press conference in 1969, he famously rejected the title and called attention to his friend, Fats Domino, who was with him that day…

My sweet daddy’s first ever concert was  Fats Domino… This song and the lyrics remind me of him & maybe I’ll ask him to dance with me tomorrow for Father’s Day.

How great is Fats on the piano? He’s still alive by the way…

PS:  Fats Domino & The Birth of Rock N’ Roll on PBS

PPS: The Big Beat – The Story of Fats Domino & His Band

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