Do any of these songs sound familiar?   “I Get a Kick Out of You”,  “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”,  “Night & Day”,  “It’s De-Lovely”…    Ladies & gents, let’s discuss the amazing & supreme talent that was Cole Porter… 

Cole Porter was born 125 years ago today (June 9th, 1891) in Peru, Indiana . He was both a musical and lyrical GENIUS ~  and became a massive hit on Broadway and Hollywood soon thereafter… He was beats of jazz meets the romance of Paris meets Charlie Chaplin

His songs have been re-song time and time again by some of the greats. From Roy Rogers to Ella Fitzgerald, you will find Porter’s notes, counts & rests throughout the world of entertainment (music and film). His songs just stick…They say something offbeat, funny & weird, but also something really sweet and romantic (the BEST there is!).  So sit back and fall in love with the music & lyrics of Cole Porter…



  • His lyrics are ridiculously satirical & funny!  “They say that roosters do it. With a doodle and cock. “… And deliciously charming!  You’d be so nice to come home to “. 
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  • He didn’t reach acclaimed success until his late 30s!  Porter wrote all the songs & lyrics to the musical “Paris” which included the now famous, “Let’s Do It. Let’s Fall In Love”. The song became an instant hit.
  • His pajamas were fabulous.
  • He collaborated with & contributed to the careers of the best of the best. Fred Astaire,  Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, etc, etc, etc.
  • He wrote the earliest symphonic jazz-based composition! His 1923 short ballet predates George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by four months.
  • His lyrics were too risqué for the radio! One of his songs about a streetwalker for the musical (The New Yorkers) was considered too crude.
  • His musical (Kiss Me Kate) won the 1st ever Tony Award for Best Musical.  It was considered a massive comeback for 57 year old Cole. He also brought home the Tony Award for Best Composer/Lyricist.
Here’s Porter’s obituary from The New York Times. And here’s his short bio, his much  longer bio  +   a nice article on his top ten hits…

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