This is an article for anyone struggling with life right NOW…  It’s an article for those who are about to freak out right NOW because there’s just too much to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. So I’m keeping this simple and providing 4 simple tips so you can feel better NOW. 


Drink some healthy, filtered water right now. Here’s the thing: We  (humans) are mostly water. We need it to survive + thrive. Dehydration (even subtle dehydration) causes anxiety, brain fog  and fatigue.  You’re also more likely to be dehydrated in the AM. So if you start your day hydrated, you will be less likely to run into other issues/problems & will likely continue the good habit throughout the day. So give yourself a good start and drink a decent amount of water (even before coffee) first thing in the AM… Try this tomorrow and watch how it improves your life. If you’re feeling really ambitious, squeeze a lemon in there and alkalize your body BIG time!

PS: Make it ‘clean’ water. I know this is hard nowadays since most public drinking water is sketchy! And filled with chemicals/pharmaceutical drugs. It’s also not great to drink bottled water because the plastics aren’t good for you or the earth. So you’re best bet is an at-home water filter. My personal method is a carbon-block filter and filling/reusing previously bought glass bottles… Here’s more info on water from Dr. Mercola. He’s an excellent resource for holistic health! And below is a video  from Andreas Moritz regarding “body drought”…


Dr. Weil is another holistic genius I refer to time and time again. His annual magazine is on the shelves now and I’ll be doing an article on that gem of a resource shortly so stay tuned… Anyhow, Dr. Weil’s breathing exercise is critical for an easier life. Why? Because most people aren’t breathing ~ at least not deeply + well! Here’s how to do Dr. Weil’s “4-7-8” breathing exercise from the brilliant doctor himself:

PS: Essential oils can be very therapeutic. That’s a whole other discussion in & of itself. But when you need to breathe deeply (and can’t because of sinuses or anxiety), a high-grade essential oil can truly help. I like peppermint for this purpose… I like the brands, Doterra and Young Living,  which is hysterical because they are basically arch-rivals. But I also like Mountain Rose Herbs & Rocky Mountain Oils.

#2.) TAP NOW! 

Tapping or emotional freedom technique (“EFT”) is an excellent (& readily accessible) resource for relieving anxiety and increasing energy. It may seem odd at first, but tapping on those key meridian points somehow works! So tap away. Here’s Nick Ortner, an expert on the subject, demonstrating how to tap!

PS: Here’s Nick & the great, late Wayne Dyer discussing EFT


Like we discussed in the Louise Hay article, loving yourself is the cornerstone to a happy and successful life. Everything else just seems to gracefully & easily fall into place once you decide to love yourself. The key is to start NOW. And to love yourself ~even~ if you feel unlovable, even if you think you need to “be more” than you are right now… This “Infinite Waters” discussion below will help get you there. I love this guy! He’s hysterical + wise = the best!


Take Marie Forleo & Tim’s advice below  & stop caring what people think…  You only need to be accepted by yourself (everyone else will follow suit). There’s nothing that will make you happier / make your life easier than living it FOR YOU!  So go for it.

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“Tim” Image via HitRecord (by MollyBlue)

We’ll be doing an article all about water/water filters… So stayed tuned! 

 Featured Image (unedited) via – Unsplash (Austin Schmid) 
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