Everywhere you look ~ whether it’s your instagram feed or The New York Times Best Seller List, everyone is saying the same 3 things :  #1: Try Harder! #2: Be happy! 3#: Fear isn’t real & pain is bad!  But sometimes the positive & “good” advice doesn’t work.  It can make you feel worse ~ and even worthless. The “right” advice can accidentally put you in the “wrong” place ~ a state of causing your own problems (very Game of Thrones right?)

So here’s 3 odd life tips (+ some awesome Ram Dass quotes)… 

# 1 : GIVE UP 

We try so hard that in our trying efforts, we inadvertently fail.  Giving up is a form of surrender. A fulfilling forfeit. By giving up, we acknowledge that the “this” is okay enough (if not perhaps as good as”that”). We decide that it isn’t about going higher & higher, but perhaps accepting the level as it is… So give up and get grace.

# 2 : BE SAD

Sadness is apparently bad. We shouldn’t be with it for too long. And yet, one of the best (& most comforting) things I’ve heard felt in a long time was from a friend who said, “It’s okay to be sad“.  Those few words resonated with me. You mean we don’t have to constantly be running around smiling and taking pictures of green juices? No. It’s okay to be sad & to dislike shitty experiences… So go ahead and dance with your shadow… 


We hear that fear is the only thing we need to fear… That only love is real and we should’t be afraid because fear isn’t our natural state & it’s a human delusion of sorts ~ which is true (in the end of ends).  And yet,  in our disregard of fear, we become fearful of giving fear any worth, any value or validity. Why not?  If only love is truly real, why not just accept fear, let it be a part of you and even love it’s demise, it’s insanity. So yes, fear is nothing but love spelled differently & moving through it’s interactions (however unpleasant or painful) allows you to see it as such “through the awful grace of God”… Another paradox & something to sit with…


PS: Ram Dass :  We are Awareness

PPS: If Bill Hader is fear, I don’t want to be unafraid…

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