I have stuff. And, like a lot of Americans, I have a lot of stuff. As a lover of beautiful things, I bring them home sometimes. This manifests in many forms: I am not afraid of thrift stores, I will stop by the side of the road if something looks interesting* (and maybe bring it home) + I have a shoe problem. Luckily, I’ve always had (almost) enough space and an understanding partner.

Enter baby.


So most people think they know who Joan Rivers was….They think she was a fashion critic, that she had a lot of plastic surgery and said the “unthinkable” (even though most people were probably thinking it). But Joan Rivers was much more dynamic than that (and a whole heck of a lot more hysterical and historical). That “mean” lady you saw on the post-award show was a persona ~ someone she created later in life to (as Dick Van Dyck would say) “keep moving”.


WATCH: I fell in love with this great piece on Buster Keaton titled “The Art of the Gag”. The short video describes Buster’s style of filmmaking and his incredible influence as a director, actor, producer, writer and even HARD CORE STUNTMAN!  Yes stuntman! Do you love Wes Anderson and Jackie Chan? Well those guys took a few cues from Buster. The video, created by Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting, is just great…  I love Tony’s subdued narrative and his overall perspective. The inner very, very  outer film lover in me is smiling.


For this weekend roundup, we’re focusing on all that snaps and pops … Have a wonderful 4th of July ~ we hope you get some good photos this holiday weekend… 

Watch:  “Bill Cunningham  New York”. ← Netflix might crash this weekend due to everyone ordering the  ‘Bill Cunningham New York’  DVD. I might not have got dressed for Bill, as Anna Wintour famously said she (and others) did, but his weekly columns in the New York Times certainly enlightened and entertained me each Sunday. The Style section won’t be the same without him.   PS: The film isn’t  available on Netflix streaming , but you can get it on Hulu, iTunes or even Amazon Prime Streaming

Do: Make this Potato Salad. ←Nothing says 4th of July like a barbecue, right? This holiday weekend, I’m hanging with my best vegan gal and her fam, so there will be no hot dogs for me (a small part of me is crying inside)… I plan on bringing this yummy vegan, potato salad.  Not only is it pretty to look at, but it uses pickle juice for a flavor kick! The pickle lover in me is smiling…

Love: This Candle from Root Legacy.← The scent is so relaxing and beautiful. I also appreciate that it’s made in the USA and uses essential oils in place of artificial fragrances…

Know: How to Keep Your Pet Safe on the 4th of July.←  Our pets can be extra sensitive to the sound of fireworks & may unexpectedly run away. Even if they weren’t spooked in the past, it’s best practice to keep all pets locked safely inside your home  ~ideally in a room not privy to wandering guests. Extra tip: Play soothing music! 

Be: In a Constant State of Amazement←. This sparkly weekend and next…

Care: David Gilkey’s Memorial Service is July 8th, 2016.←  Speaking of amazing photographers, David Gilkey was a dedicated and impactful NPR photojournalist  who died on assignment for NPR in Afghanistan. His interpreter Zabihullah “Zabi” Tamanna died as well.  His photos were influential & beautiful…


PS: “Bill Cunningham Quotes That Show Why He Was Such An Important Fashion Icon”


Featured image via “Bicycle Habit” of Flickr ~  “A Bill Cunningham Sighting”  

Do you know Fats Domino? He and his band were said to be the birth of rock n’ roll.

Fats was known as the “boogie woogie” from New Orleans…He sold over 60 million records between 1949 & 1962.  Antoine “Fats” Domino Jr was an inspiration to Elvis and was at one time only rivaled by Elvis…  In fact, when Elvis was called the King of Rock N’Roll at a press conference in 1969, he famously rejected the title and called attention to his friend, Fats Domino, who was with him that day…

My sweet daddy’s first ever concert was  Fats Domino… This song and the lyrics remind me of him & maybe I’ll ask him to dance with me tomorrow for Father’s Day.

How great is Fats on the piano? He’s still alive by the way…

PS:  Fats Domino & The Birth of Rock N’ Roll on PBS

PPS: The Big Beat – The Story of Fats Domino & His Band

Confession: I secretly want to be an astronaut! The loudspeaker countdown. The floating like a bad a** unicorn in an oversized, oxygenated helmet all in the name of mankind’s expansion. The moons, stars and black holes. It’s just so up my David Bowie alley…

And imagine seeing that view of the world as one, pulsing entity. There’s just something so magical about space & what its exploration means for us all.  These posters were originally commissioned by NASA for display as an exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor’s Complex in 2009 & now they are available to everyone online. Check out the full collection here and download them for free. 


It’s a good weekend for courage… Let’s talk all things strength, bravery & simply great….

LOVE: Muhammad Ali on the day of his memorial! Today, June 10th,  is the public funeral for the “greatest” fighter of our time  ~ Muhammad Ali! And yet he wasn’t just a fighter in the ring! When Ali refused to be drafted into the Vietnam War for moral reasons, the US government stripped him of his title & convicted him of a felony (violating Selective Service Laws). But he fought back & ultimately won when the Supreme Court  overturned the unjust conviction. In the end, Ali’s legacy has not been weighed on the amount of titles he won, but rather on his distinct message of self-empowerment.  And it should be remembered, Ali didn’t just believe in helping one’s self, but in helping others. He was an advocate for Parkinson’s awareness and a supporter/messenger for The United Nations, Special Olympics & Make a Wish Foundation amongst many others. The funeral (which was orchestrated by Ali himself)  is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky.  Here’s Ali’s short bio  & a link for live courage of the funeral. 

WATCH: This CBS Sunday Morning story from Tavis Smiley on how Ali healed the relationship between a father & son…  

“But sometimes your life exceeds your dreams.” – Tavis Smiley

KNOW: Monsanto has lost a major lawsuit (46 million) & is also being sued by The City of Long Beach for its crimes... Speaking of Vietnam… Remember that awful chemical weapon known as Agent Orange? The one that damaged the lives of nearly 3 million men, women and children and  ~ to this day ~ has left nearly 1 million people disabled & harmed? Well Monsanto along with Dow Chemical made that awful herbicide. Because of Monsanto’s stronghold on the FDA, carcinogenic chemicals  exist within our food supply, air and water. But history is changing thanks to brave activists & courageous lovers of the light…

CARE:This beautiful elephant is going crazy in a zoo in Thailand. Phuket Zoo has been discovered to be keeping elephants in “shocking conditions”. There’s an active petition you can sign here.

BE: Unafraid of your greatness. Muhammad Ali left an indelible mark on us all about the  power of declaring your worth & validity in this world. Those two words,  “I Am” , are so incredibly powerful because what follows them can change your entire world… The adage for the Muhammad Ali Center is “BE GREAT :: DO GREAT THINGS“. Because here’s the thing: Only when you fully accept your greatness can you then give greatness to the world… Only when you respect yourself can you then give respect to the world.


Since time is always moving, we asked our dad to answer some cool life questions so we could always have them and reflect on him…I can’t believe he saw this fight! It’s known as his “biggest fight” ~ the one that started it all!

Dad's Answer - Ali

“I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given…Many fans wanted to build a museum to acknowledge my achievements. I wanted more than a building to house my memorabilia. I wanted a place that would inspire people to be the best that they could be at whatever they chose to do, and to encourage them to be respectful of one another.” – Ali 


Do any of these songs sound familiar?   “I Get a Kick Out of You”,  “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”,  “Night & Day”,  “It’s De-Lovely”…    Ladies & gents, let’s discuss the amazing & supreme talent that was Cole Porter… 

Cole Porter was born 125 years ago today (June 9th, 1891) in Peru, Indiana . He was both a musical and lyrical GENIUS ~  and became a massive hit on Broadway and Hollywood soon thereafter… He was beats of jazz meets the romance of Paris meets Charlie Chaplin

His songs have been re-song time and time again by some of the greats. From Roy Rogers to Ella Fitzgerald, you will find Porter’s notes, counts & rests throughout the world of entertainment (music and film). His songs just stick…They say something offbeat, funny & weird, but also something really sweet and romantic (the BEST there is!).  So sit back and fall in love with the music & lyrics of Cole Porter…




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