Yesterday was Harry Belafonte’s 89th birthday. We shared some reasons we why we love him here, including this video of  him and Nat King Cole singing “Mama Look at Boo Boo“.

It’s a pretty off-beat & funny song to begin with, but these two rascals are a complete TRIP! They’re so talented + charming and just having a good time doing what they were put on this earth to do oh so well: SING (+ dance a little)…  I didn’t want it to be missed by anyone so here it is again… It made my day & I hope it makes yours too!

PS: Did you ever see Natalie Cole sing this duet with her father/her father’s image… It’s so beautiful and will make you cry. Be prepared!


PSS: Natalie Cole passed away in December of 2015. Imagine how beautiful heaven must sound. This is a nice article/video  & was very on-point as to the following sentiment regarding her “unforgettable” dad…

“But he also went on to become the only black television star in Hollywood at a time when America groaned under the weight of racial segregation and prejudice. And yet he possessed a natural talent so great that these issues were seemingly swept to one side to allow him to become one of the greatest jazz icons of all time.”



Happy Wednesday guys. We love you… But now:

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