Have you ever seen this video? HBO hosted The Concert for Valor a couple years back in 2014 and this amazing man + his courage struck me to my core! It has stayed with me every since…

If I ever feel discouraged, I think of what Cedric says below at minute 1:00…

“I’ve had low moments to where I feel like it would be better if I just died that day.

But my heart was saying, hey man there’s so much good to give…

If you could just get out of this hospital bed, you could probably be pretty inspiring to other people man.  

Keep fighting.”

-Master Sergeant Cedric King 

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Cedric is a pretty inspiring person. A pretty great person. And what’s in him ~ that strength ~ is also in you…

So how much more good can you give today?

Thank you Mr. King for your service, love + inspiration.

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