This is our very first “It’s Good To Weekend!” post wherein we give you a little bit of every verb (quickly) so you can go about your weekend business.  It’s Good To’s brilliant new editor (& my amazing sister-in-law),  Elena, thought of this brilliant hashtag “(#itsgoodtoweekend) … So tag us when you see fit!

Here’s your verbal weekend goodness!  

(Click on verbs for links!)

CARE: That this beautiful elephant died (in pain) in captivity in Indonesia. Paul Hilton, a wildlife photographer and badass humanitarian, is calling upon his followers to sign the petition…

LOVE: This bentonite clay because it saved my dogs’ upset stomachs this week! I’m talking several dogs with several upset stomachs = not pretty. I mixed it with some water (for hydration purposes) + a  tad bit of raw honey. Some willingly drank it. Others required a syringe.

KNOW:  I no longer order supplements online from Amazon. It can be dangerous in some respects.  I now use if I can’t find a supplement nearby/locally. And their shipping is SO FAST that the expedited option is basically not necessary…

DO:  Follow  Lily Tomlin on Instagram & WATCH her recite a “hashtag poem”…

WATCH:  This old clip of Bill Hader on Conan ~ specifically his impression of Fred Armisen. It’s hysterical.

HEARThis symphony version of the song “Claire De Lune” (my absolute favorite!)

READ:  This Slate article titled “In Defense of Absurdly Early Bedtimes”  regarding why a ridiculously early bedtime  could be your all-time best parenting move!

SEE: This

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A cartoon by Trevor Spaulding, from this week’s issue. #TNYcartoons

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MAKE: This cup of coffee this weekend. Use only coconut oil if you don’t do butter. The nourishing fat will keep you more satisfied…

BE :  Calm! The benefits of a magnesium salt bath + a new thought for you to hold dear when you’re distressedLike after watching an episode of Game of Thrones (Ramsay!).



Comments to "It’s Good To Weekend!"
  1. Ruby

    I can’t wait to do everything on your list. I’ll Certainly have a beautiful weekend!!
    Thank you for this.

    • Rose


      Thanks so much Ruby!! I love & thank you for your amazing support. You’re the best!! XOXO


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