Let’s talk about peace ~ creating some more peace & even resting in peace (Oh Morley Safer!)

LOVE: The one & only Morley Safer! As you likely know, the revered & legendary 60 minutes reporter has died at the age of 84.  His “voice” was a gentle yet sturdy expression for honest, blunt journalism ~the sacred kind. He was unafraid to laugh in a serious segment or even piss off the untouchable, artsy crowd (“Yes But Is It Art?”).  Morley passed away just one week after announcing his  retirement and just four days after CBS aired an amazing special on his life. His range as a reporter remains unmatched ~ from his coverage of the Vietnam War to his assistance in freeing a young black man from an unjust life sentence. Morley also had a love for the random conversation (very Andy Rooney of him). No doubt CBS Sunday Morning will do a tribute for him this upcoming weekend. CBS Sunday Morning airs on Sunday at 9:00 AM (EST)… Rest in peace Morley! You were a true peacemaker in this world.   

WATCH: Silicon Valley! This show is pure peace through laughter! It is my peace & sanity after an episode of Game of Thrones. The comedic timing is ridiculously amazing. And because Game of Thrones is so emotionally disturbing, I basically have to watch Silicon Valley. I literally laugh out loud & just adore Zach Wood’s character on the show… It is just SO good. In fact, “it’s magical!” KNOW: Folic acid can decrease your peace &  increase anxiety (especially if you have the MTHFR gene mutation). You want folate, not folic acid. But here’s the deal folic acid is not just found in synthetic supplements, but also in enriched flour and even milk substitutes (including some organic versions!).

BE: At peace with basil essential oil. Basil calms the mind & relieves anxiety (at least mine!). Most often people associate lavender or even sandalwood with  relieving tension/anxiety, but rarely do they consider basil. If you have a “running mind” like me, basil essential oil may be a God-send! Holy Basil (a different type of  basil also known as “Tulsi”) is apparently wonderful for treating stress-induced insomnia.

CARE: Read & sign this petition because the situation in Flint is still not okay:  While Flint Drinks Poison, Nestle is Pumping 200 Gallons of Fresh Water Out of Michigan Ever Minute.   

PS:  CBS Sunday Morning on Morley↓

Original Image (Without Editions) by Leonardo Wong via Unsplash 
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