I’m so happy to introduce everyone to Elena! She’s got a keen eye for the clever and unwittingly gorgeous (things or even people). A true hunter of all things beautiful.

As you will see below, Elena is just so gosh darn fun, so relaxing, so go-with-the-beautiful-flow. And that’s why I love her & why you will love her too.

Her posts are to the point ~ full of fun discoveries , absolute truths & of course quirks… (We LOVE quirky!) Her formal title here is Editor/Writer + Chief Curator of Beautiful. In a traditional world, she might be called something like Director of Design… But what’s traditional again?

So without further ado, meet your new, fab editor! 

 Hi!  I’m Elena, your new editor/writer & chief curator of all things beautiful.

I’m so happy to be in this space with you and Rosie! I’ve always been a collector (I’m all about the hunt), but what I love most is information.  I love to read, to listen and to learn; to collect little tidbits and share them with those I love… even a complete stranger! (This means I’ve turned into my mother… but I’ll own it.) It’s Good To is the perfect space for what I love: to share and learn about things.

A couple of things about me that aren’t necessary to know, but might be nice, since we’re hanging out now…

  • I live in Miami, but hail from Portland, Oregon.  And yes, sometimes Portlandia nails it. I miss my Portland peeps, but in Miami, I enjoy the the palm trees, sandy beaches and a good cortadito
  • If you love me, you’ll pull over the car so I can take a picture.  Few things make me happier than taking a beautiful photograph.
  • I don’t believe in regrets: I’d rather try and fail than not try at all.
  • I have a daughter who is – to use a very modern term – my everything.  Though, catch me on the right day and ask if I can imagine a life without her and I might say, “Yes!” a little too emphatically.
  • Sometimes, I can be bossy.  Sorry!  But this is new for me, so I’m enjoying it!
  • When I was ten years old, I thought the perfect adult fridge was filled with cheese, good mustard and pickles.  I was on to something, don’t you think?  Still crazy for all three…
  • I blame my love of interior design on my precocious teeth: my orthodontist had a subscription to Architectural Digest, which I started reading in his waiting room at the ripe-old-age of nine.  Many years later, I’m still rearranging the furniture and taking #shelfies (though not posting them). Shelter mags are guilty pleasure of mine, for sure!
  • I don’t consider myself an artist, but I do consider myself artistic.  One of my favorite compliments ever given to me was that I am a good companion at the art museum.
  • I believe shoes are the perfect example of form meets function.  (Don’t ask me to count, ok???)

PS:  You can discover more about Elena here. Her bio may frequently change ~ because she can do that.

PPS: Elena is also the best thrifter I’ve ever met. If there were awards for thrifting, she would win the global one. It’s not so hard to walk into an Anthropologie and fall in love with their inventory. But a Red, White &  Blue thrift store in North Miami? Yeah, Elena does that and comes out looking like she went to Anthro with a $5000 dollar gift certificate.

A natural predator of the thrift store? Yes…

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